Alex started studying music at the age of 4 on the cello.  After 5 years of cello lessons he would soon pick up the guitar at the age of 11 in 1997.  His studies on the guitar would lead him to learn, indepth, the styles of Rock, Blues/Slide, Metal, Progressive,  Country, Classical, Jazz, & World Music.  Writing, recording, and performing music has always been his passion.  He played many various venues in the Chicago land area such as the Double Door, Congress Theater, and the Clearwater Theater, and recorded various demo CDs with different music groups.  He was as well an active street musician.  He has studied with renowned guitar greats such as Tom Hess, Jody Fisher, & David Jacobs-Strain.  While Alex is most prominant on the guitar, he also has a great deal of skill in playing bass guitar, mandolin, harmonica, & percussion.  In 2005 Alex received his Luthier's certificate at John Marshall's Luthiers International.  Soon after he attended Harper Community College (Palatine, IL) where he studied music theory and aural skills.  Alex continues to educate himself on subjects such as orchestration, recording engineering, & composition.


Now 27, Alex is currently studying the piano, violin, hammered dulcimer, & tablas.  Alex has always been infatuated with learning various musical instruments, but above all is his passion for composing.  One of his main projects is his band Old Ironsides.  The band has released a self-titled EP, and has found itself experiencing quick success.  Old Ironsides was featured on the internationally released (10,000 disc) compilation CD "Chronicles: City of Sound", had a full page rave review in Chicago suburbs newspaper the Daily Herald, and opened for national act Local H.  Alex currently teaches private and group guitar lessons in Arvada.  He guest speaks at many public schools, and teaches guitar clinics & workshops in McHenry, Cook, & Lake Counties.  He has also judged a handful of local music contests including Guitar Center's "Guitarmageddon", and has assisted in planning various local music/charity events.  His additional projects include expanding his home recording studio, writing music for other projects, and working on instructional products and resources.


Alex is constantly taking steps forward in his music career, and won't be stopping any time soon.  He plans to do many tours both with his band and his solo projects, compose music for film and licensing, release various guitar/music related instructional products, and of course continue to soak in as much musical knowledge as he can.

Other Interests

There are many things that Alex invests his time and efforts into.  He studies Southern Praying Mantis Kung Fu at Action Kung Fu (see link under businesses).  He enjoys studying tracking, and experiencing wilderness survival.  Alex also enjoys making short films.  Above all he loves spending time with his dogs Barnum & Bailey.