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Here are some great additional guitar and music related resources for you


With all the different music resources available online it can be difficult to determine the credible ones from the ones that are not so great.  This is why I have compiled a list for you.  Below are links to music resources from around the world including music instructors, music producers, music practice tools, music articles, & mini music lessons.  Explore & enjoy!

Bands and Artists

Do you enjoy CDs with various genres? Check out our Compilation CD which features genres such as punk, rock, acoustic, adult complementary, and blues! No two songs will sound alike.

Do you think there has been no good music in the last 2 decades? The classic riff-driven 80's metal is back, with a vengeance and a twist! To satiate your thirst of heavy, melodic, no-holds barred music, check out heavy metal guitarist Dan Smith. (We disclaim any damage to your eardrums and furniture. Caution: may cause addiction).

Where great melodies meet powerful leads, where odd-time signatures do not detract from your listening experience, where there is no fear to move across styles while remaining faithful to a rock core - there you will find the music of progressive rock guitarist Tommaso Zillio. Feast your ears with the new generation of progressive rock.

Female Rock Vocalist Lauren Bateman's voice has been compared to greats like Melissa Etheridhge and Ann Wilson of Heart. One listen, and her rock/pop vocals will have you amazed by her emotional honestly.

Music Teachers

Did you know that you can become a great guitarist yourself in a very short time? All that you need is passion, and the desire to learn as much as you can. And a good instructor can take you through that process. You will learn fast and then use your newly acquired skills to pursue a career in music. Success is just a few steps away. Do yourself a favor and take the best guitar lessons in Omaha, NE).

Guitar Teacher in Syracuse, Utah – Electric guitar lessons specializing in classic rock, rock, hard rock, metal, and neoclassical shredding. Guitar teacher Matt Willard will help you reach your specific guitar playing and music goals. Get your free lesson today!

Are you looking for the best guitar lessons in Stowmarket? Look no further. We put your goals first and tailor the lessons to suit your needs and goals. Become the guitar player you were destined to be!

Has your child been put off learning a musical instrument because of a bad experience with their first music teacher? Are they scared of trying a new instrument in case it�s too hard? First Strings offers Guitar and Ukulele lessons in Glasgow designed especially for kids aged 5-12. Check out First Strings today to arrange a free first lesson for your child.

Du moechtest Gitarre lernen in Potsdam, ohne dich durch das uebliche, langweilige Anfaengermaterial quaelen zu muessen? Man kann auch von Beginn an Spass haben! Lerne mit gezieltem, auf deine Bedürfnisse abgestimmtem Konzept in der Gitarrenrock-Werkstatt-Potsdam.

Do you love the guitar and wish you were better at it? Are you a beginner guitarist looking to get started correctly? Work with Charlie Long if you want the best rock, blues and metal guitar lessons in St. Louis, Missouri.

Looking for the ultimate guitar lessons in London, Ontario? Then the only choice is London. Don't delay, start taking guitar lessons that deliver real results today.

Thinking about learning to play the guitar but do not know where to start? Finding the right teach is of prime importance to getting started, learning the basics and gradually acquiring new skills. Take guitar lessons in Lincoln with one of the best teachers ever. Not only will you learn everything you need to know about playing the guitar, but you’ll also have the help and assistance of an expert every step of the way.

Are you frustrated with trying to learn guitar on your own, or with average teachers? Do you struggle to make even tiny gains in your playing ability? Being great at guitar is about practicing the right things in the right way, not natural talent, so be sure to check out how these guitar lessons in Iowa City can help you reach your goals!

Looking for a great guitar teacher in Frankston? Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced student, I will help you get the results you really want. Learn how to play rock, metal, blues or pop on guitar.

Tired of wasting time on internet videos trying to improve your guitar playing skills? Confused as to what you should learn or how you should practice to make massive improvements in your guitar playing? Guitar lessons in College Station will take the frustration out of trying to put the pieces together on your own. Study with a professional guitar instructor at College Station Guitar Academy and watch your guitar playing skills skyrocket! Never again wonder if you are learning the right information, or practicing correctly.

Don't be afraid if you feel stuck in you're guitar playing. You're not alone! Seek help with the best guitar lessons in Oakville

If you have ever dreamed of learning how to write your own songs then this is the place! Glendale, Ca Guitar Lessons is the ONLY place to get Songwriting Lessons anywhere in Los Angeles! Regardless of the false myths, songwriting is a talent that CAN be taught and learned!

Now a days, many vocal teachers have learned that you can ad grit (or distortion for technical terms) to the voice safetly and can learn to do this like any other vocal technique. If you desire to add some grit to your voice then Rochester NY's Voice Lessons are what your looking for. We recognize that as a rock singer being able to add distortion to your voice is important. We can also take it further by teaching you how to combine it with many other textures (vocal styles).

Looking for the best guitar lessons in Frankston? Chris Ball Guitar Academy is dedicated to helping you take your guitar playing to great levels. Guitar lessons cover lead guitar, rhythm guitar, songwriting, improvisation, chords and harmony, music theory, ear training and much more!

Sick of wasting your money on bad guitar lessons in the raynham area? Come learn from a guitar teacher that is professionally trained to take your guitar playing to the next level. If you want the best guitar lessons in raynham, call taunton guitar lessons today.

Do you like Heavy Metal? Do you want to learn how to shred? Take lessons at Melbourne Guitar Academy and unleash the fury!

Looking for the best local guitar lessons in Southampton? Amplified Guitar Tuition offers the solutions to your playing problems and will help you reach your musical goals! Whether you�re a beginner looking to start or an advancing player in need of instruction, make YOUR dreams come true with guitar lessons �for fun..or to go pro�

¿Principiante y no sabes por donde empezar?, ¿Ya tocas hace un tiempo pero estas desilusionado porque no sabes que hacer para mejorar? Aprende a tocar la guitarra como siempre has soñado en clases de guitarra fáciles y divertidas en Las Palmas.

Whether you are just beginning to play the guitar, or have lots of experience but would like to move further, check out these guitar lessons in Dun Laoghaire.

Are you looking for high quality guitar lessons? Do you need a guitar teacher who can help you make massive progress in your guitar or bass playing? Check out this website for more information about guitar lessons in Olympia, WA.

Looking to become a better Guitar Player? Know of someone who wants to start playing Guitar? At Guitar Lessons in Vredenburg age or location doesn't matter and the focus is ALWAYS on the student and his specific needs - George desires to meet every Students needs, whether a Beginner or Advanced Student. Click on the link and book a FREE Introductory Lesson!

Om du har akkurat begynt aa spille gitar, eller om du har masse erfaring og vil ta spillingen videre, sjekk ut Kristiansand Gitartimer naa for effektiv fremgang.

Are you looking for the best guitar lessons for your child? Is there seemingly no one around in your small town capable of teaching your child? A guitar teacher in Sparwood would be able to help your child become the shining star that they deserve to be.

Piano Lessons Medford - LB Music School is the #1 school for learning piano in the Medford, Malden and Somerville area. We offer a unique approach to learning the piano and keyboard. If you are interested in getting started with keyboard or piano, we want to help you. Call us today.

Ready to get out of the crowd and onto the stage? Get effective guitar instruction from a professional teacher who likes to have fun and is dedicated to helping you reach your goals. Guitar lessons in Mesa, AZ

Wanting to learn Indie guitar in Parramatta? You will be filling the dance floor in no time….and you don’t even have to dance yourself!

Looking for a Ukulele teacher in Dublin? You can get the basics down in 2 months! Check out Dublin Ukulele Lessons.

Are you looking for singing lessons in Boston? Lauren Bateman is a highly qualified vocal coach that can help you take your voice to the next level. Whether you are an absolute beginner or a seasoned professional, Boston Singing Lessons can help you find your voice.

Guitar players that start playing music, do it for different reasons. The biggest is for self-expression, but everyone has different levels of needing to achieve it. Getting guitar lessons will boost and strengthen your ability in freedom of expression, there are exclusive adult and kid guitar lessons in Auburn, NY. ONLY!

Looking for the best guitar lessons in Genesee County? Stop wasting time with free internet lessons and get real results. Beginner programs are starting now.

Are you frustrated with your guitar playing skills? Learn how to become the guitar player you want to be with guitar lessons customized for your needs. Get the best Rock Guitar Lessons in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Si zelis igrati kitaro, pa ne ves, kako zaceti? Igras ze nekaj casa, pa bi rad svoje znanje izpopolnil? Si iz Ljubljane ali okolice in isces kakovostne ure kitare zase ali svojega otroka. Sola kitare je pravi odgovor na vsa tvoja vprašanja. Ucenje kitare v Ljubljani za vse starosti in stopnje predznanja.

Are you Looking for an electric Guitar Teacher in the Gravesend, Kent? Kent Guitar School is the ultimate music school to help you with your guitar playing. Choose the best guitar tuition in your area, weather you are a complete beginner or and advanced guitarist.

Birmingham Guitar School is committed to providing high quality instruction in all aspects of guitar playing and musicianship. There is no quick and easy path to becoming a great guitar player, but the good news is that being guided by a good teacher is a much more efficient and enjoyable way to learn than options like self-tuition or online video lessons. Learning with a teacher will help you accomplish more, quicker than other ways of learning.

Are you tied of staring at that unused guitar in the corner? Learn how to play with uxbridge guitar lessons, sign up today!

Frustrated with trying to learn guitar? Tired of letting your guitar gather dust? Then it might be time to try something different. Find Local Guitar Teachers in the Metro Detroit area that will help you overcome the obstacles and learn to play thousands of songs on the guitar in minutes.

Jos haluat saada kaverisi sanattomiksi soittamalla pianoa, sinun kannattaa harkita pianotunteja. Pianotunnit Turku tarjoaa sinulle mahdollisuuden oppia pianoa, olit sitten aloittelija tai kehittyneempi. Kokeile, kuinka paljon asioita voit saavuttaa pianonsoiton saralla.

Are you serious about Miami Guitar Lessons ? Well I am serious about helping you reach all of your musical goals. Master the fretboard in new innovative ways at Tuned In Guitar Lessons and you will be playing like your favorite guitarists.

Du hast gerade eine Gitarre gekauft und wei�t nicht wirklich wo du anfangen sollst? Lerne schnell und zielf�hrend. Trag dich ein f�r Gitarrenunterricht in Stuttgart und verwirkliche deinen Traum ein Rockstar zu werden.

How to progress with your acoustic guitar playing: 1) learn new techniques, styles and songs 2) start playing with other musicians for fun 3) take lessons with the best teacher in Dublin Acoustic Guitar Teacher in Dublin

Tired of teaching yourself guitar and getting nowhere? Take your playing to the next level with guitar lessons in Fort Worth, TX !

Struggling to play your favorite rock guitar songs? Tired of making the same mistakes over and over with the songs you want to play? Check out Fort Worth Rock Guitar Lessons and improve your rock guitar playing today!

There's more than one way to sound amazing on the guitar. Learn how to sound great "unplugged" by taking Acoustic Guitar Lessons at Master Your Guitar Music Academy in West Essex County, NJ. We are now accepting applications!

Beginner Guitar Courses are now available for beginner guitarists looking for guitar lessons in Croydon. With Croydon Guitar Tuition, you can choose from an eight week course, which will set you up as a player by showing you all the basic skills you'll need to know or get all the information at once by enrolling in our intensive one day beginners course.

Studies show that music education can improve test scores in reading, math, and creativity. Who ever thought learning something like guitar could do all that? You want the best for your kid. Don't settle for just another run of the mill guitar instructor. Arvada guitar instructor Alex Boccia is passionate about teaching, and will help your kid learn guitar the fast and fun way.

Du suchst nach Gitarrenunterricht in Dortmund? Du fragst Dich, ob man Musik auch anders lernen kann? Dann bist Du bei Songwriters Shed genau richtig!

When you first start learning to play guitar, changing chords is very challenging. Learn what to do to get smooth chord changes as quickly as possible with our London guitar lessons . Don't give up at this hurdle!

Guitar Tuition East London have an outstanding reputation for teaching in a contemporary and exciting format. Professional Pop guitarist Darryl Powis takes you through rewarding lesson programmes designed to help you achieve success. He has a track record for training expert musicians.

Guitar Lessons Medford - Offering quality guitar instruction in the Medford, Malden and Somerville area. Look not further than Medford Guitar Lessons . We will help you reach your musical goals while impressing family and friends. Call today for a discounted introductory lessons to assess your current playing skills.

Become the guitarist you always wanted to be! The best guitar lessons in Littleton, Highlands Ranch, Centennial, and Denver. Learn guitar quick and faster than you would on your own.

Are you a rock or funk guitar player who is looking for the best Manchester NH guitar lessons ? All levels welcome. Learn in a relaxed, encouraging environment.

Singing Lessons Medford - Search for singing lessons no longer. Medford Singing Lessons can help you. We teach children as young as six years of age how to enjoy their voice. We have a wonderful staff that is dedicated to helping you reach your singing goals in the fastest amount of time possible.

Good Private Guitar Lessons can be hard to find. You want to be the best guitarist you can be, so you need a guitar instructor that cares about your needs. If you want the best Electric Rock Guitar lessons for you, check out these Private Guitar Lessons near Jamestown.

World's cheapest guitar lessons . If you are looking for cheap lessons your are in the wrong place.I can explain why Guitar Lessons New Havenis the right place to go.

Are you an aspiring guitarist in Brisbane, Australia? Are you feeling frustrated with your lack of progress? Then check out to find out more about how Nick Tschernez of New Times Learning Centre can help you.

Children music classes Medford - LB Music School offers a number of children's music classes for chldren ages 1-6 years old. Most music schools do not have a program for children under the age of seven, but we have a number of courses to help prepare you child for future music instruction. Start your child on the right foot with Kindermusik classes.

As guitar players we all have different strengths and weaknesses. Knowing how to fix these problems will get you better results with your guitar playing. Discover how you can determine your strengths and weaknesses with a free, no obligation, trail guitar lesson at Gold Coast School of Guitar.

Are you looking to learn how to play guitar? Are you ready to take lessons with a professional Guitar teacher? Check out Guitar Lessons in Richland, Kennewick WA and sign up for a FREE Introductory Guitar Lesson.

Aren't you tired of getting your guitar lessons from another Berklee-graduate Jazz teacher? Aren't you dreaming to be a rock star? Then learn to rock from the rock professionals! We offer Rock, Blues and Metal Guitar lessons in Edmonton, AB.

Have you always wanted to play guitar? Learn guitar in Birmingham and watch your skills take off before your eyes. Start your guitar lessons today.

Are you overwhlemed by the task of learning guitar. Don't worry you just need the right guitar teacher to help guide you through the maze of musical information to get you to your goal. Guitar Lessons in Rochester are available right now and can provide you with the information you need for your musical success!

Learn guitar at Guitar Lessons Fairfield in SW Connecticut. I teach, train, coach and mentor students in becoming better guitar players and musicians. Beginners and experienced players are welcome.

Massimo Canonaco � un insegnante specializzatoin lezioni di chitarra rock e metal in Ticino. Non si tratta solo di lezioni, ma programmi di istruzione per chitarristi specifici e strategie personalizzate su misura per i tuoiobiettivi. Contatta subito Locarno Guitar Lessons .

The Best Music Lessons in Vernal can be found at The Rock Academy. Our teachers are professionally trained and use exclusive methods to help students get bigger results in less time. Quit struggling to learn music and come see how easy it can be for you to become great with our help.

Frets on Fire bring you the best glasgow guitar lessons specialising in Rock, Blues and Metal styles. With a wide range of courses, tuition options and completely unique extra features, we can help you become the guitarist you have the potential to be in a fraction of the normal time.

Looking for the best guitar lessons near Scarborough Toronto? Check out Toronto Guitar Lessons and get started on a lesson program designed to unleash your creativity and give you the technical skills to make the sounds you want to hear!

Are you stuck in a rut with your guitar playing? Want to learn how to do killer guitar solos? If you are after guitar lessons in Melbourne, then Greg Trotter is the guy you need to see. Get your first lesson free!

Online Resources

When your guitar playing is stuck in a rut, you need to make your guitar practicing more effective. This website will show you the best way to learn guitar and give you the resources you need to explode your musical progress.

Sam Russell is a neoclassical metal musician based in West London, whose inspirations range from Bach to Iron Maiden. A recent project is publishing a complete transcription of Bach’s Cello Suite’s for electric guitar, now available on his website.

Learn to play guitar the right way. The best beginner guitar lessons will help you learn to play chords, guitar strumming and picking the fastest way possible. Get everything you need as a beginner to start playing songs now.

Techno producers! Do you know anything about music theory? It's important to know a little bit about chords and structure in order to make great tracks, but there is a lot you don't need to know. Our Music Theory for Electronic Music Producers course is a great introduction to theory for producers with no formal music training.

Are you confused by your music teacher? You need someone who show you the right things in the right order? Do you want to understand music theory for guitar the easy and fun way? Then check out these great guitar theory lessons that will help you move to the next level!

One of the most important guitar practicing tools in you can have is an effective guitar practice schedule. The following link is the most powerful, innovative and unique tool in the world that you gives you a customized guitar practice schedule

Want to shred on guitar? If so, you cannot afford to waste any time trying to teach yourself the techniques involved in this style of playing. Learn from the very best shred guitar lessons online.

Tired and frustrated of trying to go it alone playing your acoustic guitar? There are many resources out there, but without the proper guidance from someone who knows what they are doing, and more importantly know what YOU need next with your acoustic guitar playing, it almost always ends in frustration. Check out acoustic guitar lessons online to start reaching your guitar playing goals today.

Check out a variety of free online guitar video lessons, guitar playing resources, online guitar playing assessments, guitar eBooks, mini courses and more at this guitar playing resources page.


Do you still searching for the right guitar tone for your production and you miss a specific valve amplifier or guitar cabinet? We own a huge farm of guitar amps, cabinets and microphones and provide high quality reamping services! Check out our online mixing, mastering and reamping offering!

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I hope that you were able to find something helpful out of all those listed resources from all over the world.  This list is regularly updated so be sure to check back for new great websites that get added.  If you have any questions about any of the products or services provided by the people in the list above feel free to send me an email with your questions.  I know and deal with all of the people whom I list hear.