Time to give some updates...
Written by Alex Boccia   
Wednesday, September 2, 2009 at 10:51 am

I am officially a published author!  My first article in Feedback magazine has been printed in the August issue!  The next issue will be the magazine's 1 year anniversary, and I will have two articles printed in it!  One on Harmony and one on guitarist/inventor Les Paul!!!!  Check out Feedback magazine here:  www.feedbacklocal.com

Old Ironsides is nearing the completion of the album!  Just vocals and mixing left to do.  It's sounding so kick ass thanks to Gordon Persha at Q Productions!

I am teaching more than ever now.  I am currently employed at 4 different places!  Busy!

I have a new project that I wanna start soon!  It's a documentary...more details on that later!

Other than that I am going to be buying a new desktop computer so I can start using all my recording gear/software I bought!

Until next time...