This page is dedicated to some of my more experienced students who have either recorded a video performance or recorded their own original music!  Congratulations for making it this far guys!

Drake Potter

Age: 20

Years of Lessons: 4 years

Original music by Drake Potter "X-Rayted" (recorded by Alex Boccia)

Check out Drakes music Facebook page


Nick Adams

Age: 18

Years of Lessons: 6 months

Brandon Bloom

Age: 19

Years of Lessons: 2

Original music by Brandon Bloom "Yours Truly" (recorded by Alex Boccia)

Emily Anderson

Age: 11

Years of Lessons: 3 & 1/2

Ross Stephens

Age: 23

Years of Lessons: 1 & 1/2

Original music by Ross Stephens "IOU" (recorded by Alex Boccia)

Dan Henry

Age: 18

Years of Lessons: 4

Original music by Dan Henry "5 Years Tuff" (recorded by Alex Boccia)

Jason Jahnke

Age: 29

Years of Lessons: 3

Original music by Jason Jahnke "After Thought" (recorded by Alex Boccia)

Paige Gieseke

Age: 10

Years of Lessons: 9 months

Nick Schumacher

Age: 23

Years of Lessons: 2 & 1/2 years

Original music by Nick Schumacher "Can't You See" (recorded by Alex Boccia)

Alex Woodbury

Age: 18

Years of Lessons: 3 & 1/2

Original music by Alex Woodbury "Rockatron" (recorded by Alex Boccia)

Check out Alex's band here!

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